The Laban workshop gave everyone a stronger understanding of motion analysis. The exercises and observations were fun and informative. I really wish we could have had more time to look at other examples. It was definitely a benefit to the animators, but more importantly it gave the game designers, programmers and animators a dialogue that we could all use to define a character’s movement. We’re currently in the early stages of preproduction and trying to implement Laban techniques and terminology in our mocap shoots with directing our talent, developing and designing our characters and designing game play.

Joe MacDonald
Animation Lead / XSN Sports

I just attended this workshop/seminar and it was great. Essentially Laban deals with similar concepts as classical animation principles but from a more scientific and rigorous perspective. At the end of the night Leslie analyzed a short film using the Laban techniques and I realized what an incredibly powerful analytic tool it is. I am definitely interested in learning more about the Laban theory now. If Leslie Bishko is near your neck of the woods then I would strongly recommend it.

Thomas Cho
Sheridan College Animation Student

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