The GreenDot Project

October 28, 2008

GreenDot is a research project that investigates motion capture, pattern recognition, and “Intrinsic Biometrics” techniques to detect human body language in video. The goal of the project is to train a computer to recognize a person based on his or her motions, and to identify the person’s emotional state, cultural background, and other attributes.  Part of the research is based in Laban Movement Analysis.

This article on the October 7th debates is brief but is followed with some very good comments.  The debate offered a great opportunity for observation because the candidates were released from the confines of the podium.

Jackie Borowski]

Karen Bradley (Media credit: Jackie Borowski)

Reading the motions of politics is an article about Karen Bradley, Laban Movement Analyst, who has been actively observing the US presidential candidates.  Read her comments about the recent debates!